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I have a 2008 GSR (with SSS package) that I’m getting a .5 power draw at the battery when I did a parasitic draw check. Found that fuse 8 is causing the draw. With that fuse out, I’m getting .04-.06. I did find that the fuse #8 is for the control unit module which is part of that interior fuse box, so without the fuse nothing works, and with it, I'm getting a steady draw. I'm just looking to be able to park my car for more that a day or two and not have the batter drained below 12v. Any recommendations on things to try/check to see if this problem can be solved without a dealer visit? Anyone else had a similar issue? What was your cause?

thanks in advance for any advice!

Solved - No need for a bump - Testing issue on the draw test. A few retests, we found that it the meter was at .5 at first, but then would settle down to .6 to .10 after 30 seconds or so.
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