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2008 GSR pro tune on 2010 with exact same setup

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Can a pro tune on a 2008 GSR be used on a 2010 with the same mods and vice versa?
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in theory if everything was 100% the same it would work. the OTS maps that you can get run on this concept and the tunes are rather conservative. if it is somthing other than a conservative OTS map then i wouldn't trust it. there are many factors that can make it unsafe on the car it was not intended. a few examples would be if the tune was done on one with a slight boost leak or a different load on wga, or one bov is more prone to leak than the other.. etc.

ninja edit: the actual rom may not work if you directly flash an 08 on an 10 etc but i was more referring to copying the tables and the tune itself
No, the base ROMs are different.

Can you copy and paste individual maps between the ROMs? For the most part, yes.

That said, you shouldn't be copying someone's protune. Go to a pro and get your car tuned.
it's on the accessport, I leave the tune in so can the second owner benefit?

So you say it cannot be used?
it's on the accessport, I leave the tune in so can the second owner benefit?

So you say it cannot be used?
admittedly not an AP user but as is; no. there is software to open up the maps and you could copypasta but as said before it's highly unadvised.
got it.

also I was referring to just flashing it as is.

AP pro-tunes are locked and cannot be opened to copy tables so that is not what I was asking about.
even if you could i wouldn't do it. not every car is the same. if you wanted to use it as a base, run some logging on the afr's, then edit the fuel maps for that car, then edit for knock, you could do something like that, but i wouldnt just slap it in then go and think everything is all ice cream and unicorn goodness
Mods are never close enough.

We tried it on 2 same year cars once. When it came time to fine tune one car, the other car was too lean.

Side note, if copying from a 2008 to a 2010, turn off the lean spool bit, or you will be in a world of hurt.
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