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Jackygor Its VR38DETT VK is the V8 engine series. The GT-R's engines is a derivative from the R390s V8 (just minus two cyclinders and increased .2L) I'm a nissan buff before I was "corrupted" LOL

I think the 4B11 Twin turbo will lose. since it doesnt exists LOL

Seriously though I think the 4B11T has a good chance of winning. The work and research and innovative engineering put into that engine is phenominal especially when compared to its 4G63 predecessor. They managed to make it more fuel effeceint and more powerful and dare I say more power hungry then the 4G.

It truly is a wonderful piece.
I would love to see this motor win. For its small displacement, the punch it packs is killer. With that being said, I wouldn't rule it out. Guess time will tell. The fact that it's in the running is great. And is it the smallest displacement listed here?! Nice!
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