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Hey everyone,

I'm new to the group and to Lancer's overall. So here is the deal. I build SCCA race cars. I specialize in Subaru's, Nissan's, and VW's. I found a lancer for an insane deal that I couldn't pass up. So I bought it, but I didn't really need it so decided to turn it into an SCCA race car. I've rebuilt a couple of the 4B11 engines before, but never for the purpose of making more power. I plan to race this car in the STL class. To be competitive in the class I need the car to put down around 190whp. I don't need it to be the most powerful in its class, I just need it to be competitive. My driving can make up for the rest. I've already got the full 8pt roll cage, Custom front spindles to allow very low ride height, properly, Custom bump steer kit for extreme lowering, properly, Ground control camber plates, and full custom spec one of a kind coilovers. The suspension and chassis is ready to hug the track. I've got a few ideas for the engine myself but wanted to know if anyone already has a proven engine setup to match the power goals. So below I've listed a couple things that the rule book states and some facts.

1. Engine can NOT be boosted. That would make the car ineligible for my race class.
2. I am NOT allowed to swap to the 4B12.
3. I have a spare 4B11 torn down already.
4. I don't mind putting money into it. Its a race car, they are built to throw money at.

So my question is to those who have actually done this or seen it done. Has anyone actually seen a 4B11 put down around 190whp or more? What parts did you or they use to get there or what parts do you know that person used. Im planning to have this thing done by November to race at Sebring international raceway. (If any of you happen to be there and would like to take it for a spin come on by.)


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