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Hello, I could really use some help and i have scoured the internet for the answer to no avail. I want to replace the stock cd player radio with an aftermarket radio. I have the sony dsx-a415bt. Single Din. I bought the kit which included a wiring harness. Well I take the dash apart and remove the radio, then the headache. There are 2 white connectors with wires.

The harness i was supplied did not match at all. I could repin the connector if i knew what the correct order is but would still be missing pins.

So I went looking for a wiring diagram to match up the colors and came up with nada. Or at least nothing that i can read and\or comprehend. I have found several sites that have conflicting information.

The next 2 pictures are a closeup of the 20 pin connector.

Please help me figure this out.
More info: Stock radio, (not rockford setup) Speakers in all doors with tweeters in the front doors.

Thank you!!!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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