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2010 Ralliart Sportback stanced!

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Hey guys just decided to start my thread and show everyone that the Sportback can be a sexy looking car! I absolutely love having a sportback and all the space it offers! anyways onto the pictures!!

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Right on man. I digs it but JROX gonna get jelly lol

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IMO idk what your calibrations are suspension wise but looks like it can still handle a curve correctly. but back to the stance

what you stretching? i just noticed the wheel poke
I'd buy evo sport back but guess STI sport back gets it shit weak

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Kind of dangerous rollin around with no mesh/grill in front of that intercooler dude!
naw not dangerous in cali
Read post #7.

Lol. I know right.

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keep his thread clean please negative comments will be cleaned. Opinions are welcome, but just choose words wisely when expressing things you dislike.

plus it's not nice to say mean things
word. dig it.
1 - 7 of 64 Posts
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