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2010 Ralliart Sportback stanced!

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Hey guys just decided to start my thread and show everyone that the Sportback can be a sexy looking car! I absolutely love having a sportback and all the space it offers! anyways onto the pictures!!

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HAHA thanks! jRox knows about it all already so... anyways the wheels will be PC'ed in the near future, stay tuned!! Car is being shipped out here within this month to Hawaii where I am moving to so it will be down for a month while I wait for it to ship there!
IMO idk what your calibrations are suspension wise but looks like it can still handle a curve correctly. but back to the stance

what you stretching? i just noticed the wheel poke
I am sitting on D2 coilovers with the rears maxed but I will be changing that to make the rears go lower, then also will take the front lower once I get to Hawaii! As for the rims and tires I think I may have stated it above for the rims but they are MB Battles 18x9.5+22 on Nankang's 215/40/18.
I want those wheels :wackoff:
discount tires website lol or look on craigslist.
Thanks guys!! I'm happy to see you like the looks!
It would be cool if Mitsu sold the Evo in sportback version. I'm sure a number of people would have bought it.

Whats wrong with the left side of your exhaust? Do you have the pipe pointed down? Or is there a tow hook there? I see something but cant see enough detail to tell what.
I am not sure what your seeing but I have the Ultimate Racing Single Exit exhaust. I used to have Panda Domo hanging from the driver side exhaust cut-out but someone stole it so it is just an empty cut-out now. A tow hook will be in that spot shortly though so it is all good!
Your car is gonna take over on my desktop pretty soon ;) I got Jae's ride on there now lol
Im Impressed. I've literally only seen a handful of sport backs worth catching my eye. :)

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You guys are so sweet! lol thanks!! I am in love with the way she looks!! More goodies will be on the way soon stay tuned!!
New Photoshoot from a couple weeks back! My Farewell Colorado Photo shoot. Let me know your thoughts!! :D

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before you move to Hawaii you should drive it that low in Mexico xDDDD
I drove it in Mexico this past summer lowered on Tein springs like a 2" drop all around no issues! I was in San Luis a border town near Yuma, AZ. I also took it into the sand dunes in Cali just outside of Yuma and yeah that ended in setting the frame in the sand and getting pulled out by a truck! Luckily Border Patrol never showed up to ask what I was doing cause i was like a mile or 2 from the Mexico border lol a State patrol officer did show up!
Badass! I love the Sportbacks!
I appreciate it! I love it too!
Looking forward to you coming out here! We do meets pretty much every weekend, but never have any Ralliarts show up. Myself and Robnval and pretty much the only "regular" cz4as. Hit us up on evom for meet info!
I will be there soon! January 10th I will be there with my car! She arrived the 2nd! I will be around a lot and going to all the meets! You will see I will become a regular too lol! I have posted a couple times on the HI thread on EvoM.

in all honesty i hate hatchbacks but the sportback changed my opinion its pure sex.
:) Thanks!

Sportbacks look okay as is, but stanced it makes it look worse.. stance is gay anywho
Ummm... ok thanks but I personally wouldn't like anymore negative comments about my car or stancing a car. If you have nothing nice to say please keep it to yourself thanks!
What's the specs on the wheels/tires

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I did say the specs on the rims and tires a couple pages back but it's ok they are MB Battles 18x9.5+22 on 215/40/18 Nankang tires.
Then why make a thread if your not able to take some hating, I hate stance no matter what, I think it would be better if it wasn't
I can take people hating it but personally do not want the negative comments in my thread! You could have just been better about your wording and said something like "Nice car but not my cup of tea." something not so rude! Like I said it would be better and much appreciated if you had nothing nice to say then keep it to yourself! You can criticize my car but it's my car and my views. If you wanna do it there is no need to be rude!
keep his thread clean please negative comments will be cleaned. Opinions are welcome, but just choose words wisely when expressing things you dislike.

plus it's not nice to say mean things
Thank you I appreciate the help!

Nice car but not my cup of tea. :p . Just messin. You make it to Hawaii yet, I havent read any updates
Haha funny guy eh?? I arrive in Honolulu tomorrow at 5pm Hawaii time 10pm EST. I will be picking the car up Friday morning and then this weekend re-adjusting the height back down!

:wackoff: beautiful car!
Lol thanks!!
Beautiful. Love the last pic especially. Why not dual exhaust? Rear looks aggressive either way.
I felt like most people with Ralliarts run the dual setup and also I personally love the single exit style! Thanks for the Compliments!
No Reason. I removed it with the intention of selling it and never did then moved away and lost it. No big deal.
Some new wheels, Gram Lights 57Maximum 18x9.5+22 with 235/40/18 tires.

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