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Haha where I bought my SE from. Probably the best dealership in western Canada. Don't know if that means a lot. But generally pretty good guys to deal with.
Interesting... My 2011 MR-T was built Aug/2011 and this 2012 is built Oct/2011
yea 2012s are already on sale here in Calgary. The started the pre sale like 5 months ago
Our local dealerships are selling 2012 MR's and Mi-EV's!
that is awesome.
Hey look, 50 posts! you can sell stuff on here now!
^ lol I was waiting for someone to say it
Is that the new rear black lights that come with the 2012 models?

I want a set!! they look awesome:rock:
^those have been on evo's since 2010 and even base lancers since 2011. I found a set for sale on ebay super cheap...def improves the rear of the car and I wish it came stock since the beginning.
2012 on Mitsubishi website now.
i like its headline about smacking the porsche
i like how the spread between the MR and GSR is 3200. Up here it's 10k... And... GSR up here is 10k more... Ridiculous.
It appears not much has changed, but I'm sure most of us are glad it didn't.
2012 on Mitsubishi website now.
Been there about a week. Mentioned it in the "2012 :)" thread. ;p
Hi highlyevolved
I am shock to see that EVO is on ebay is that super car which is well-known for its 0-100 kmph acceleration at mere 6.6 seconds and easy handling on the roads. Its amazing news.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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