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Decided to post this up. We're about to turn up the boost 1-2 psi and possibly add some timing up top. Will post up those results next week to compare the results

Current setup:

Outside Temp 75*
Max Boost 34psi
AFR 14.7 @2000rpm
13.2 @3000rpm
12.3 @3500rpm
12.0 @4500rpm
11.9 @5500rpm
11.8 @6500rpm
11.9 @7500rpm

Built Bottom End & Head
Custom Built 35R Turbo with Turbo Smart IWG 22 psi base pressure spring
Kelford 214bs + Springs and Retainers
3 Inch Intake
3 Port EBCS
Greddy BOV recirc
02 Dump Down pipe
Test pipe
Custom 3 inch Exhaust
Tubular Exhaust Manifold
3.5 inch FMIC UICP, LICP
2000cc injectors
Double 320lph Fuel Pump

Forgetting a few mods at the moment. Car pulls pretty hard setup like this but feels like theres more in her


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Nice! Thats exactly the kind of power I am hoping to get on my 2.2L stroker with GSC s2 and similar turbo. My goal is at least 500wtq more than anything. Happy to see this turbo can indeed provide that.


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That's a stock frame 35R? Def don't believe those numbers. Also be way past maxed out on a 3" MAF at that level.
Says "custom built" which I am intrigued about.

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