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AMS polished UICP
AEM Intake
Grimspeed 3 port EBCS
Turbosmart Dual Port BOV, 50/50 setup
AMS Downpipe
ETS Test pipe
HKS Hi Power Catback exhaust
ID 1000 cc injectors
Walbro 255lph fuel pump with torque solutions adapter

I wanted to share with everyone the results of my tune over at boostin performance. I was tuned previously on a "street" tune by a shop that is not far at all from boostin, but to say the least, I was not pleased at all. Their tuner had notified me that 2014's are harder to tune and that he had done the best he could do. After that tune, I honestly had wished that I had kept my car stock because it was running so bad. The worst issue was the RPM's surging when I would shift between gears and put the car into neutral. Nonetheless, lets get to the good stuff! I have only heard good things of Boostin, and best to say, they are all true.

Devin is a true professional. He is courteous and respectful to you and your car. I really mean it when I say that, he treats every customers car like his own. It really gives you a piece of mind knowing you have Devin tuning your car. He was kind enough to hook me up with some before dyno pulls. I got to see what kind of numbers my car was making and how it was performing.

Old tune put down 295 awhp and 276 Ft-lb torque. The car was running very lean at peak boost too! Notice how the pulls are inconsistent.

Devin had pointed out to me a couple of issues with this tune, and i'm glad he did. I want to share these points with everyone so they are aware of what this tuner did to my car and how harmful it is to have a tune done in this manner. I bought my car new, and its still very low miles. To know my car was tuned so poorly had really displeased me. After devin worked his magic and dove in to look at the previous poor work, he found that there were fuel trims being used during WOT, im not even a tuner, and i know thats terrible for a car! My car was also knocking real bad, i had 11 counts of knock at 1500 rpm.

Devin showed me how the idle settings were poorly done as well. Top half is the previous tuners idle settings, and below is how a stock tune settings. He explained to me how the numbers are supposed to all change when the idle is adjusted, and how they're not all supposed to be set at 1000 rpm.

This is the old tune vs. the new tune. dotted line is the old tune, and solid line is the new tune. Notice the difference in AFR readings.

318 awhp and 323 ft-lb torque on the new tune!

After everything was all sorted out, Devin had assured me I was in good hands. Tuned at the same psi as the "tuner":lol: before, Devin was able to gain me 47awhp and 23 ft-lb. Quite impressive {thumbup} As devin was tuning the car and running the evo on the dyno, I could hear the difference. It sounded so much different, and much better. It sounded how an evo is suppposed to sound!

On E85, Devin did a terrific job! He kept torque limited to what was safe for the motor, with great gains too! 350 awhp and 360 ft-lb torque


Overall, I am very happy with the results! The shop is so clean, and everyone there is so knowledgable. Devin was able to point out every single problem with the previous work. I can say, I will only be going back to boostin for work on my evo! I promise that if you go to Boostin, you will be pleased. I also recall hearing AMS referring people to Boostinperformance for their tunes when I was picking up my intercooler. I walked out with a smile on my face:) and its still there!


Here is a video of my evo x with a dyno pull on e85!

E85 evo x on dyno at boostin performance - YouTube
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