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Registration for the 2014 RallyCross National Challenge is open! We've been waiting to host this for many years and it's finally come to our neck-of-the-woods. Let's all do our part in encouraging our neighboring regions and divisions to attend.

For immediate release:

The Washington DC Region SCCA welcomes you to compete in the 2014 Northeast National Challenge! Scheduled 9/13-9/14 in Frostburg, Maryland the DC region will play host to the best rallycross drivers on the East coast. Located at the southwestern end of their respective division, the region hopes to tempt drivers from nearby neighboring southeast and great lakes divisions to make this event something special. SCCA top brass has dubbed the event reminiscent of the old Eastern States Championship.

The DC RallyCross program has long taken pride in providing safe, fair, fast, fun, racing with maximum seat time. The program has been using a new venue since the start of the 2014 season in March just outside the college town of Frostburg. The venue comprises of approximately 40 acres of predominantly gravel surface which provides plenty of room to keep course designs safe and fun. Out-of-region drivers have complemented past course designs finding them the “perfect balance” between wide-open power-rewarding sweepers and tight/technical prowess. The surface has phenomenal grip but get too far off the lines and you’ll find marbles. Located on an elevated plateau, the site offers scenic vistas and a typically constant breeze perfect for keeping the dust away.

Camping will be available for respectful competitors Thursday evening until Sunday. There are no amenities available at the site but the town of Frostburg only 10 minutes away offers many dining, lodging, and other options.

Registration for the Northeast National Challenge can be completed using this link. The early entry fee will be $100 and is available until August 31.

The event-specific supplemental regulations should be reviewed by all competitors and can be found using this link:

The region will also be hosting of day of testing 9/12, the Friday before the event. Registration for the test/tune can be completed using this link:

Don't forget that prize contingencies are available for this event from Hawk Brakes, Subaru, Honda, and Mazda! You must be a SCCA member and have registered online. Information regarding contingencies can be found using the link below. Don’t forget your required stickers and tech sheets!

Please feel free to contact the program chairman Adam Kimmett at [email protected] with any questions. The program Facebook page is also kept active with the lastest information available. Give them a shout-out as they look forward to seeing everyone out there!
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