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Did this tune about five months ago but thought it would be interesting to post as there isn't a ton of GTX3071R info out there.

2015 GSR
ATP GTX3071R .94 A/R
AMS Downpipe
OEM exhaust manifold
MXP catback
AEM intake
ID1000 injectors
Zeitronix wideband
Radium surge tank with Wally 450 E85
Easyperformance fuel pump controller (map)
Wally 255 in OEM tank. P&P flex fuel kit
Tephra V3

Owner wanted a flex fuel tune with E60 being the max mix. He tracks the car so it's a pretty conservative tune. Also, the injectors where maxed on E60 at 24psi so I had to bring the boost down out the top for a safe IDC.

The turbo is pretty responsive and makes good power for the simple mods and tune level. On the street the turbo almost feels more responsive than stock, shockingly.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts