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$26K and where to spend it?

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Ok well, as soon as I sell my truckin a month or so I'll be in the market for a car. I want something that can hit at least 23-25 mpg, is around $26k and still fast. I would like 4 doors, because I don't want to lose the convenience.

I have several cars in mind...

Tier 1 (best options)
MS3 GT (cheap, fast, but not requires premium and averages about 22mpg)

GTI (up front they are pretty expensive for a audobahn package equipped ones and they have not the greatest reliability ratings)

Upcoming Lancer ralliart (not out yet, who knows...)

Tier 2 (good but something is holding them back.)

2007 G35 Sport sedan (this is awesome but i'd have to stretch to about $28k for a well equipped one)

Civic SI (no torque, but otherwise a great car)

Any ideas... help... advice... etc?
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Umm I should reword that. I mean "Not boring". So no slower than the Civic Si, but more likely right at 6 sec 0-60 somewhere in there.
thanks for the reply. I should a caught that. Yeah my definiteion of fast is more than I can afford right now... and still live comfortably anyways. haha
Good stuff. Yeah I pretty much agree with all the above for the same reasons, although I had never thought about the G8 before... that's interesting so I'll look into it. The MS3 and the Ralliart are high on the list for sure. I'm glad I have a month or two to decide and I'm not in a cruxh, because I'm gonna really reasearch this hard and come up with the best solution.

As for a used IX... I just don't want something that's been abused, and not only that from what I've read the EVO IX and STI dont get grreat gas milage. Unfortunately in todays world that's going to have to be a factor. I need this car to be able to squeak out at least 24-25mpg if I drive it nicely.
ya I looked around at the R32s, I just really am pissed they only come in two doors. I know it's performance oriented, but the 4dr GTi is an awesome car, no reason they couldn't have done the R32 in the same body as well.

The G8's are marked up here a bit, for the one I want I'd pay $31K so it's above my price, I mean if I saved enough for that I'd just drop it on an EVO and call it a day ;)
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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