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$26K and where to spend it?

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Ok well, as soon as I sell my truckin a month or so I'll be in the market for a car. I want something that can hit at least 23-25 mpg, is around $26k and still fast. I would like 4 doors, because I don't want to lose the convenience.

I have several cars in mind...

Tier 1 (best options)
MS3 GT (cheap, fast, but not requires premium and averages about 22mpg)

GTI (up front they are pretty expensive for a audobahn package equipped ones and they have not the greatest reliability ratings)

Upcoming Lancer ralliart (not out yet, who knows...)

Tier 2 (good but something is holding them back.)

2007 G35 Sport sedan (this is awesome but i'd have to stretch to about $28k for a well equipped one)

Civic SI (no torque, but otherwise a great car)

Any ideas... help... advice... etc?
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What's your definition of fast?
Do you mind used? You can get a gently used Evo IX, STi, or WRX for around $26k.
2008 Pontiac G8 (invoice @25.5k) <- 0-60 around 6
G8 GT (invoice, just over $27k) <- 0-60 around 4.5
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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