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$26K and where to spend it?

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Ok well, as soon as I sell my truckin a month or so I'll be in the market for a car. I want something that can hit at least 23-25 mpg, is around $26k and still fast. I would like 4 doors, because I don't want to lose the convenience.

I have several cars in mind...

Tier 1 (best options)
MS3 GT (cheap, fast, but not requires premium and averages about 22mpg)

GTI (up front they are pretty expensive for a audobahn package equipped ones and they have not the greatest reliability ratings)

Upcoming Lancer ralliart (not out yet, who knows...)

Tier 2 (good but something is holding them back.)

2007 G35 Sport sedan (this is awesome but i'd have to stretch to about $28k for a well equipped one)

Civic SI (no torque, but otherwise a great car)

Any ideas... help... advice... etc?
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get the ralliart. you get the same engine as in the evo and the same twin clutch transmission. so you know that it can handle at least 300hp. then down the road just go aftermarket and you basically have an evo. i mean you get the evo IX awd system. It's a pretty sweet deal if you like the evo
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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