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Hey all

From New Zealand, drive a JDM import Ralliart - it's badged as a Galant Fortis Sportback but is identical as far as I can tell. Feel I'm a bit late to the party, all the forums relating to these cars seem to have dried up but they're only just starting to get popular here!

Current setup is test pipe and catback but stock DP,
Stock FMIC but with hard pipe kit
Evo X DIY spec short ram (I'll be honest, I just like the noise and the airbox setup ended up on the wife's Outlander) incl piping from turbo to AFM
Some random recirc BOV which holds 28psi+
Boost pill and pre-tensioned WGA (I have wound the adjustment right up on the arm, gained 4psi up top)
Opensource tune on E10 making about 195wkw (~270whp range)

First query - Boost at present peaks at 1.65bar (24psi) and falls to 19psi at 7k, would I see any real benefit switching to a 3 port?

Second question... Short of an evo x turbo swap (which is on the cards once a setup appears cheap enough) is there anything -really- worth doing further to the motor at this stage?

Is a downpipe upgrade worth the trouble?

Other than a decent intercooler I'm stuck for "what next" - the little car seems really balanced at the moment for the use it gets, and only starts to feel short on power once it's up past the 100mph mark and it runs out of legs... which in NZ can only really happen on the very infrequent track days I can get to.

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