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Most efforts to bring together the best bits of a motor bike and the best bits of a car generally result in something that is either a death trap or interminably dull. See quad bikes as one excellent example of ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should’.

Anyway, this doesn’t stop people trying, and the latest attempt seems to make a slightly better fist of it that other have. The ‘offending’ company is Cirbin and the ‘car’ is called the V13R. Powered by a 125bhp Harley-Davidson60 V-Twin, the V13R has two wheels at the front and one at the back and weighs in at a scant 475kg. No performance figures have been announced although the manufacturer says that, “it’s fast enough to get you in trouble”.

The control systems are set out in the same way as a car, and the cabin is a familiar design but from the bulkhead backwards the V13R is all bike. Unfortunately the performance-per-pound advantage that bikes have over cars has not been extended to this Canadian oddity – prices will start at $39,995 US, with options such as airbags and a radio driving the cost up even further.

I don't think I'd feel all that safe in this thing. I guess it depends on the CG and suspension geometry. Is it stable, is it safe? (I felt like Gandalf just then)
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