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42 unique Monster Garage creations under the hammer at Barrett-Jackson

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Monied fans of Monster Garage gathered this week in Scottsdale, Arizona for the opportunity to own a piece of their favorite television show when the Barrett-Jackson auction house put 42 of the hot rod program's creations under the hammer.
Among the vehicles put up for auction were a Ferrari fitted with a pasta-maker, a flying Panoz Esperante, a Mustang lawn mower, a Porsche modified to collect golf balls, and an assortment of dragsters and custom lowriders. All in all, 42 custom street rods went on the block. Most of them, as could be expected, were American iron, but a modified Rolls-Royce, a 1999 Champ Car open-wheeler and even a steam-powered speed boat, all modified towards various aesthetic and functional ends, were rolled out for the event.
We've got images of all 42 custom rides in our gallery with descriptions of what you're looking at; you can check the short press release after the jump, and the full list right here.
[Source: Barrett-Jackson]
Gallery: Barrett-Jackson "Monster Garage" auction

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I think I caught that green mustang selling for like 7500 or something.
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