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Hello all! So I figured now would be a good time to introduce myself and start a discussion on my next project

I was wanting to modernize the mitsubishi starion /dodge conquest drivetrain and after a little bit of research I decided to try and workout the issues with converting the 4b11 platform to rwd

I have the manual transmission out of a early 2.0T hyundai genesis (it's a 2010 I believe) and a 4b11 out of a 2011 lancer

I'm waiting on a new engine stand to get started on making sure everything is ready and bolts up but from eyeballing it on the pallet things look hopeful

I'll update this as I go but if anyone has any suggestions or questions they'd like me to look into I'd love to hear from y'all

I'm definitely going to need some help with wiring diagrams and taking some measurements so hopefully y'all can help me out馃檶馃徎

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This is a cross post from the Gencoupe forum

My stand is supposed to be here on Friday so I should be posting some pictures of everything then

Until then if anyone has the time and knowledge to answer a couple of questions from the mitsubishi side of things I'd appreciate it

I looked the the forum using a couple of searches but wasn't able to find anything definitive on the differences between the wiring harness for different cars

I have a base 4b11 as a dummy block and test engine, can I use the wiring harness from a ralliart/GSR until I build the engine for turbo or do I need to source a stock harness as well.

My other question is to the guys who have naturally aspirated builds, I know that Evo cams are a popular performance upgrade for the 4b11 engine

I have also seen forged rods and pistons although they are few and far between

A buddy of mine is heavily into the Honda scene so I was planning on sleeving the block to help make the power range I'm aiming for more reliably

I'm aware of the darton sleeves but what are the NA guys using? Are they using the 11t block and just ditching the turbo because that seems kinda wasteful

Thx for y'alls help


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Interesting build, make sure to post pictures.

Why not just use a stand alone ecu instead of stock? I am not sure about the wiring harnesses but I think they may be the same.

There is a full EVo shop manual on the net, just do a search, it would have all the wiring for the 4b11t.

I don't think anyone on this board is N/A. If you are going to go through the trouble of this build why would you not use the 4b11t?
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