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6th Annual Forums BBQ Picture Thread

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This year's BBQ was by far the best one that I have personally been to over the last 2 years!

I want to say Thank You, to our amazing vendors such as Moore Automotive, Hollywood_X, Driven Fabrication, Modern Automotive Performance...Without the support from these awesome vendors we wouldn't have a great BBQ like we did yesterday!

Use this thread to post your pictures from the BBQ!

I also won the hot dog eating contest again for the 2nd year in a row...its kind of a big deal! Hopefully someone has the video of it!
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That's all I got..

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Who's car is the silver one at the end of the exhaust vids? Not sure if I heard Diana right on the video but it sounded like it was a 2.3L stroker and a BW 9180 turbo - haven't seen that set up on here yet... Would be gnarly though.
That is moore automotive's car. It is badass
Damn, need to get Chris to post up some more details on that thing

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Varis kit is on it and its pushing like 600hp
Damn, need to get Chris to post up some more details on that thing

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They have a build thread somewhere on here.

Thing was fucking wicked.
I would throw my Sti off a cliff if I can get a car like Moore Automotives haha

I saw the dyno chart & it was putting down 619whp
Whens the group photo going up ??
awesome pics and vids :D
Dino has the group photo and hot dog contest on his camera
Awesome pics.
Still no video or group photos
It's on Dino 's camera bro
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