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7-year-old heeds Dodge marketers, "grabs life"...and grandma's Durango

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Dodge's marketing slogan is "grab life." Apparently, the message has resonated with the youth demo in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where a 7-year-old swiped grandma's car keys and commandeered her Durango while she was unawares. He subsequently played demolition derby on the streets of the Florida enclave. His eight-minute joyride saw him take out a pair of mailboxes, hit two parked cars in a Costco parking lot, and then two more moving vehicles at an intersection before he drove into a street sign and broke the right front wheel off the truck, ending his impromptu cruise through the neighborhood. Miraculously, no one was hurt throughout all this. The obvious quote of the day comes from PBG police officer Ellen Lovejoy, who noted that the kid's actions constituted "unusual behavior for a seven-year old." Maybe he was just getting himself amped up for this week's impending Grand Theft Auto IV release.

[Source: Palm Beach Post]
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