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With seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher retired from Formula One and his kid brother Ralf moving on to DTM, the racing world was just getting used to the idea of the post-Schumacher era. Racing fans, however, can look forward to the continuation of the dynasty, as Michael's nine-year-old son has taken to the track himself. Mick Schumacher got behind the wheel of an Alonso kart, ironically, for a low-level event in Spain, finishing the two races tenth and eighth, and will proceed to three more rounds in the series. The Schumachers tried their hardest to keep the young Mick out of the press limelight, entering him in the race under his mother's maiden name Betsch and accompanied at the event by his grandfather Rolf (Michael and Ralf's father), but you can bet the motorsport press will be keeping a close eye on the young Schumacher - already nicknamed Schumi III, following his father and uncle - as his career progresses.
[Source: F1-Live, Photo:]

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