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lol parts from honda crx and porche.

Three wheels better than 4?:

The “alé” features a unique 3-wheeled configuration: 2 in the front, and one in the rear. The front wheels drive and steer the vehicle. This design enables the car to perform at a superb level, particularly in cornering, with the car easily pulling 1.7 g’s in corners during track testing on street tires. The three-wheeled automotive platform also aid in improving fuel efficiency and aerodynamics.

Vapor system:

The car’s key innovation's are the fuel vapor system and it's light weight aerodynamic body. This fuel vapor technology (which is in the patent pending process) allows the engine to run on “fuel vapors” rather than liquid fuel. The majority of gas engines today run 14.7:1 – (14.7 parts air to 1 part gasoline). This proprietary fuel vapor system allows the “alé” to run on a ratio of over 20:1 without compromising performance. According to the textbooks, this ratio is impossible, as a standard engine would not start or run on a air/fuel ratio this low. With a 10 gallon gas tank found on most vehicles, the “alé” can travel from Vancouver BC to San Francisco CA on one tank. Over 15 hours of driving without filling up.


Not only does the “alé” have extreme mileage capabilities, but its performance is outstanding and better than many high-end sports cars. It accelerates from 0-60 in 5 seconds, and will pull over 1.7 g’s in hard corner's on street tires. Brad Zimmerman, head tech for the company stated during testing at the Mission race track, “I drove it hard for 4 solid hours, throwing it into corners, accelerating and braking hard. The car’s performance is spectacular. After all that hard driving, we only went through $10 in gas.”


The “alé” runs on regular gasoline, and easily achieves the level of “super low” emissions with a 30% reduction in CO2. Even more impressive is the fact that all the data to date has been gathered without a catalytic converter.

Automotive X-Prize

FuelVapor Technologies will be entering the “alé” in the "Automotive X-Prize" competition for the most fuel efficient production vehicle

The Future:

This is the first time the public have had a chance to view the “alé”. The company is currently seeking investors to take the “alé” into production.

Vehicle Specifications

Hand-layed fiberglass composite

Full tube frame with roll cage

High mileage Honda engine

Turbo Charged 1500cc

2 Stage single cam Vtec

Gasoline vapor fuel management system
180 HP
0-60 MPH in 5 seconds
1/4 mile time of 12.9 seconds

5 speed standard, or 4 speed over drive automatic

Front Suspension
Honda CRX with fully adjustable coil over

Rear Suspension
Single sided swing arm with fully adjustable coil over

Porsche 911 rack and pinion (2.25 turns lock-to-lock)

Front Brakes
Front discs: 12.1" diameter vented and scallopped rotors, 4-piston calipers

Rear Brakes
10" disc brakes

Wheels & Tires
Aluminum 18" X 8" front and rear
Two seat tandem. - shoulder seat belts

Wheelbase: 110”

Outside to outside track: 71.5"

Length: 174’’

Height: 50“

Dry Weight: 1400 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 10 gal.

Top speed: Electronically limited to 140 mph.

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1.7G? 1.7!? Not 1.07? ...

Dear Christ.

Wonder how he vaporizes the fuel. VERY cool.

I mean, sure the thing looks like a squid, but whether this car makes it to market or not, it sure is significant.

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Yeah, but

a) It's still slow


b) It's a hybrid.

If the above guy made a hybrid, it would probably get a lot more mpg.
All building on my point that we have the technology we're just limited certain barriers. I won't be surprised if vapor technology gets bought and locked in a closet.

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i saw one of this on the road the other its way older and the wheels were reverse one in front and two in back.and i did saw it go on the freeway not just city even had tx plates.


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Well, makes sense, no? This gives you protection from the weather, also it'd fit in with America's laziness. Although, a Scooter isn't exactly something you physically do but, yuno.

This would definitely be a daily vehicle to drive around.
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