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A lil confuse installing boost bauge

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I saw originally on here you could install the "t" for the sensor to the gauge on the hose under the uicp. Is also possible to install it off the bov hose as well. or can that cause miss readings?
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Bump. Gonna install this weekend
There is a thread that is in a faq section or trying googling it. Gives detailed pictures of where to tap.

Don't veer from what works :). Do it once and do it right the first time.
Yea what this guy said ^ there is a how to on here and on evom. Its really easy just go step by step by that.
can someone post a link to that how-to please? i searched for it and i couldnt find it.
Evom under to "how to" there is like 3 how to's
thank you!!
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