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If any of you started your Mitsubishi modding days in the DSM world you will have heard of the Club DSM discount that was brought to the community by (at that point in time) a Conicelli Mitsubishi parts employee named Josh Jones.

In 2004 that Conicelli employee went on to open JNZ Tuning after the dealership closed its doors. We have been involved with performance cars for over 15 years and have been supplying OEM Mitsubishi parts to both Diamond Star Motors owners and some of the largest, most-prominent DSM race shops in the nation for over 10 years now. With an extensive background in both aftermarket and OEM markets we've combined the best of both worlds! JNZ Tuning was originally established as a side project by Josh Jones in 1993 and became a full time reality when Conicelli Mitsubishi closed it's door in 2004. Ever since then JNZ Tuning has catered to the DSM market and has become a leader in the industry. Ask anyone who has dealt with us and they will tell you that the JNZ name is synonymous with great customer service, vast knowledge of these cars and products, as well as amazing prices!

We now want to offer you all the opportunity to recieve the same great service! We have been supplying OEM Mitsu and aftermarket parts to our customers for amazing prices for it's your turn. If you want OEM parts, skip the hassle of having to deal with your local dealership and give one of our friendly and knowledgable sales reps a call. They will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. They will also be just as happy to help you out with any aftermarket parts or build requests or questions.

With 4 Bend-Pak lifts, 2 CNC machines, an arsenal of welders, metal forming tools, bead blasters, high temp/high pressure parts wash cabinet, powerdercoating equipment, etc. on site....we have the tools we need to get whatever job you need done correctly.

Just to give you an idea of the types of services JNZ Tuning has to offer you, here's a partial listing...

- Aftermarket parts
- OEM Mitsu parts
- Race motors (and rebuilds)
- Engine swaps
- Race transmissions (and rebuilds)
- Aftermarket parts installation
- Custom fabrication

...any thing you need done, we can handle. We are conveniently located 30 minutes from Philly, Allentown, and the NJ border and less than 2 hours from the NYC area.

We also have a website that has parts added daily to it to better serve your needs, <A href="http://<A href="" target=_blank>[/URL">"], as well as a COMPLETE OEM Mitsubishi parts catalog that is linked off the main site....<A href="" target=_blank>
If you'd prefer, you can also give one of our sales reps a call with any parts requests you have! 215-997-6850

There's TONS in store for the Lancer and Evo community in the near future so look out for our threads.

We look forward to working with all of you in the near future!!!

Here's a couple pics of the shop and some of the equipment...


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What happened with your guys exhaust, your website said it would be released on March 14 now it just says when it was added. I'll keep checking anxiously! Nice shop by the way, it doesn't have anything on my two car garage but it'll do. :)
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