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****TWM Performance HOLIDAY SALE on our A6 Leopard & Big Type R Weighted Shift Knobs****

Hi Everyone,

The Most Unique Shift Knob in the industry is a TWM Performance Weighted Shift Knob! With features NEVER before seen, the TWM Performance A6 Leopard and Big Type R are the BEST PREMIUM Weighted Shift Knobs for Your Ride! This is why we have decided to offer a HOLIDAY discount on all our A6 Leopard & Big Type R Weighted shift knobs!

So now is the BEST time to pick-up an A6 Leopard or a Big Type R weighted shift knob! Exclusively for ALL Forum members, we’re offering a 10% discount, PLUS combo deals when you purchase one of these two shift knobs. Just use discount codes

For the A6 Leopard: TWMHOLIDAYA6

Brother to the M1 Abrams, the A6 Leopard shift knob is also a spherical knob which adds a short collar for those that want more material between the shift boot and shift knob. It is also weighted to add performance and comfort while shifting!

-TWM Performance A6 Leopard Weighted Shift Knob!

-HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Using the unique TWM Performance ATIS (Aluminum Threaded Insert System) TWM Shift Knobs offer over 1 Inch of height adjustability for the ultimate custom shift experience.

-WEIGHTED: The TWM Performance A6 Leopard weighs in at 485 Grams and the Big Type R, being one of our heaviest knobs, weighs in at 600 grams (Over 1 Pound!) making for an almost effortless FAST shift with any type of shifter, either using a stock shifter or a TWM Performance Short Shifter.

-CUSTOM THREAD-ON OEM FIT: TWM Performance Shift Knobs will fit ALL Cars!

-FULLY TRANSFERABLE: Getting a New Ride? No worries, YOUR TWM Performance Shift Knob will follow you FOR LIFE! TWM Performance offers Adapters and Solutions for ALL Car Makes that are Interchangeable!

-LIFETIME WARRANTY: EVERY TWM Performance Product is Guaranteed for LIFE!

Don't miss this chance to get the BEST Premium Weighted Shift Knobs on the Market for yourself or someone else this Holiday season!

Click HERE to order today!

The A6 Leopard & Big Type R is also offered in 8 other finishes!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by posting in this thread, sending us a pm, sending us an email ([email protected]), or by giving us a call toll free at 1-877-655-0540!


Team TWM Performance
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