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Hey guys, I’m interested in putting EVO headlights and possibly tail lights on my 2005 ES,
I have really started to hate the headlights on my 2005 ES.
Really want the slim rectangle EVO headlights even if I have to fit different fenders/bonnet/bumper.
Or should I just get some eyelids for her and call it a day?

More than likely putting the entire body kit on as well if I can find a way to fit everything on.

Plan to do most of the work myself and with my mechanic cousin/friends. (Access to welding equipment etc)

I may be interested in the 4WD conversion as I found one online recently. But I’m not going to bother putting a new engine in until this one blows up.

Any and all information is appreciated; Teamwork makes the dream work.

Blah Blah Ricer Gurn Gurn.
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