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advice on my shopping cart

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:godance:hello all!! I bought my ww x gsr bnew 3 yrs ago! only performance mod I added was K&N drop in and HKS Hi Power catback. Now, mod bugs hitting me again and "might" pull the trigger soon. My evo is my daily, and just wanted to enjoy my daily drive more(street car build). I'm planning on getting all my parts from maperformance. Then, have them installed from any performance shops around bay area. Tune? not sure where to go... bains tuning or fftec? wanted dual map pump/e85. e85 is just 12 minutes away from home.

my questions are:
1) does my cart looks right? any input? any cheaper but quality parts out there?
2) how long does it usually take if I order from map?
3) test pipe too risky around bay area?
4) test pipe o2 bung or add o2 bung to my stock down pipe?
5) how much do you guys think installation and tuning will cost me?
6) which tuner? why?
7) WHP outcome after these mods? mustang dyno?

thank you in advance!!


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I wouldn't go with that gauge pod either. There's many reviews that say the fitment is terrible. I went with JCSPods, and I love it. It replaces the OEM pillar and fits perfectly. Also, a bung on your test pipe would be way easier than removing your downpipe to weld in an o2 bung on it.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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