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AEM Dyno-Shaft on-car engine dyno?

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I was flipping through the new issue of Grassroots Motorsports yesterday and saw like 3 or 4 adds, plus a product review for this AEM Dyno Shaft product. I guess its fairly new... it's news to me.

So the idea is to build in a simulated engine-dyno on your car. Getting chassis dyno time is expensive. GPS-based dyno simulations are inaccurate for tuning purposes and have too many variables. The idea of this is to monitor actual engine shaft output and use that to measure performance. This sounds pretty similar to something I recall Land&Sea trying to sell a while back. Anyone else recall that?

How it works - It replaces your transmission's output yoke with a new chromoly yoke with integrated strain sensors. It measures shaft rotation speed (RPM) and yoke strain to calculate HP and torque.

They're $1500, so it's not exactly cheap, but its an interesting idea for anyone who self-tunes. Anyone have any experience with these? Is this concept sound, or is there a reason to discard this? One thing I notice is that it's reading from the transmission output, where an engine dyno usually reads from the crank output. So we have drivetrain loss to account for, as well as gearing. Should that be a major factor?

More info from their site -
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Interesting, but I can just run virtual dyno for tuning and it works just fine >.> For 1500.00 bucks, I'll use the free stuff :)
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