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Hey guys, since people are requesting to see pics of my Kenwood 9980 and the JDM Dash Kit, I thought I'd make a new thread for it.

I this setup is way better than the overpriced Mitsubishi MMCS Navigation. For 2,500 it isnt worth it. Whatever navigation you get, just make sure you get the JDM dash kit, because it will be infinitely worth it over the metra or scosche kit. It looks a million times better, and fitment is clean.

I'm currently rocking a Kenwood DNX9980 with the JDM dash kit, and it looks OEM. It has the latest up to date Garmin maps, redlight traffic alerts, speedtrap alerts, Nearest e85 stations (if I ever switch to e85). and even shows a lancer as my car (instead of a stupid arrow). Maps are in 3d of course, and there's just so much more features than the out of date, ancient navigation that mitsu charges 2k+ for. I will also be installing a backup camera soon as well :)

Steering wheel controls are retained with the pac swijack*, bluetooth retained because the headunit comes with it, and SiriusXM retained with a different satellite receiver, but still using the same antenna that came with the SS package. (So no need to route a new antenna through the car)

The only gripe I have about this setup is that the Kenwood sticks out a bit more from the JDM Dash kit than I would like. (maybe about a centimeter?) But I think this can be resolved if you drill deeper back into the stock mounting bracket, or you can try cutting out the supplied faceplate from Kenwood.

Here are the parts cost:
Kenwood DNX9980 HD $1000
JDM Dash Kit $300
PacSwiJack $100
Metra Axxess Kit $100 (So that you can use the stock sub and amp)
Sirius Satellite Receiver $50
Miscellaneous adapter cords $30
Installed myself

Total is around $1,600
Much better bargain than the stock MMCS if you ask me :)

Anyways, on to the pics! Sorry these are iphone shot. I'll try to get better pics up later.

Car turned off

Loading Screen

Garmin Navigation (As you can see, listening to Sirius XM on the bottom)

* Currently the Pac SwiJack lets you use volume up, volume down, channel up, channel down, mode, and ONLY pick up call for Bluetooth. The stock Hang up and Voice Command steering wheel buttons are not compatible with the Current Kenwood. This is because Kenwood hasn't programmed their units to accept a remote voice command activator, so you have to use the wired button that comes with the Navi for Voice Command.

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nice, almost placed an order for this yesterday but my friend told me it's pretty much gonna be obsolete lolz...the new model is just around the corner, maybe out already, as I type this...
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