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Agency Power 18x8.5 +29mm

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Well, I wish I could share some pics with everyone, but my tires didn't exactly fit like I had hoped. The wheels look stunning, but 255/45/18's are a bit too big for the car. It sucks, because they fill the wheel wells really nicely. Getting the Nitto Invo 255/40/18's instead and will post those pics as soon as they come in.

By the way, Vividracing has a sweet deal on these right now.
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The height of the tire is too much. Here is some basic tire math for you. The stock tires have a diameter of about 100mm. This is obtained by taking the treadwidth/(percentage of width as height). This is why tires are listed like 245/40 18's. This means take 245 and divide it by 40%, or just take 245*.40, which gives you 98mm. Thats the stock height. So, in my case I went with a 255/45 which gives me a height of ~115mm, which is too much. When I turn the wheels, they rub on the wheel well water guards in the front and back, which is very bad. I was going to go with 255/40, which gives me a height of ~102mm, but the shop doesnt want to do this, so I am getting 255/35, which measures ~90mm.

Ill have pictures as soon as these damn things come in. I think you may be able to go a bit wider at 90mm. Maybe a 260, but I dont think that would fit on a 18x8.5. You would have to go 18x9.

Yep, I went with the 40's. They didnt quite fit perfectly, though if the offset was a bit more on the wheels, I think we would have been fine. Good news is it was an easy fix. Just undid a couple of plastic nuts on the wheel well cover, and pulled the cover in a 1/2 in.

There are center logo caps, I forgot to put them on last night as I was rushed to get pics. Ill get better shots tonight guys.
And by tonight, I meant tonight, the next day ;) Sorry, got wrapped up at work and didnt get home in time.
Pictures updated at link from original post. I cant remember what they weigh, but they are lighter then my stock wheels.
Man, you guys are never happy ;) I took quite a few pics, but the wheels are so black, that they dont show up very well.
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