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AGP Evo Up to 430tq 424hp !

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AGP Evo Up to 443hp!..updated with gaph.

Happened last night on my for updates.

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yeah, im waiting to hear how the tuning went for this.
im expecting some ecu and maybe turbo,,,, if not wow evo 9 lovers will sell their car and get evo x.
Sorry to keep you guys waiting...I just pulled this from Kevin's post on Evom...20g race gas and AEM FIC piggy back. Just testing limits of MAF, injectors and ECU for right now...I managed to get it crossed up when it hit boost in the vid.

We (AGP) were the first to get big gains out of the X three weeks ago and we’ve been pretty quiet ever since. Well, it’s not because we were sleeping. We’ve been testing, learning and developing many different areas of the X. First of all you can rest assured the car is perfectly safely tuned in it’s current state. There is no need question the safety or competency of our tune. Our combined tuning experience is extremely broad and allows us to easily adapt to any new platform. On the X we are getting no knock, and timing is climbing all the way to redline with no dips. We’re running AFR’s in the 11s. Tuning is being done with an AEM FIC piggyback and we have not even began touching the factory PCM controls. I’m sure another 20-30whp is on tap just optimizing the factory PCM code. The engine is not even breaking a sweet at our current power levels. A new ACT clutch needs to go in very shortly and then some big injectors and then we’ll start making some more power. This engine just loves to make power, and while I’m not ready to sell my IX yet, I would do a motor swap if I could.

We have tested a couple different intercooler cores now and our current version will be for sale on our website in the next couple days. I think we’ll have 9-10 of them ready to go in the next few days. We did upgrade the turbo a little (20g) by machined the factory housings to fit, so externally the turbo looks stock. We will be testing multiple turbo upgrade options and should have something for sale in the next month or two. We want to come up with a turbo upgrade that makes enough extra power to justify it’s cost. Stay tuned for more fun on that.

[email protected]

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The engine is not even breaking a sweet at our current power levels. ...This engine just loves to make power
ok, jesus you did it i will get an evo x.......:+1:
Wow agps in az. When are you guys gonna be at UMS again I want to see this car
Wonder how the lag is with that turbo?
The turbo spools about 400rpm later than the stock one...not bad at all!
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