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Just before Christmas we made the leap into what will be our next platform. There were a lot of options available to us but at the end of the day the most attractive looked to be the new Mercedes 5.5L Twin turbo line.

With gobs of displacement and two turbos hanging off of it the potential for big power is massive.

One of the big developments at AMS over the late 2011 season was our tuning department. Our tuners Chris Black and Mitch McKee spent some time overseas training on new software and tools needed for our tuning department. Hundreds of hours were spent in house decoding ECU files and maps to unlock new avenues in ECU tuning here at AMS. With this new knowledge and tool set we are now able to tune just about every european ECU in house here at AMS. These new abilities will prove invaluable in our development of the Mercedes performance packages.

Our 10 years of forced induction part manufucature and tuning knowlege can now be applied to this exciting new platform.

So stay tuned as AMS develops some new performance packages for the new Mercedes models carrying the new 5.5L Twin turbo powerplant.

Below is our development car, The E63 AMG... stock for now.. but not for long :)

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