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And you thought the Cayenne looked fugly stock...

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Click the image above for a gallery... if you dare.
Like driving skills, the unfortunate reality is that good taste doesn't always accompany wealth. There are just too many people out there looking to make the flashiest splash, and it is now confirmed that one more of those yahoos is living in Moscow, Russia. We don't know much about this frightening conversion of a Porsche Cayenne, and we're not sure we really want to. To paraphrase Fiddler on the Roof, we hope and pray the czar keeps this one far away from us.
Thanks (we think) to Graham for the unfortunate tip. If you're a real glutton for punishment, you can hit the gallery below to see the monstrosity from all angles. Just be careful if the driver's backing up while you're checking out the tail and standing in the enormous blind spot, which shouldn't be too big a hindrance on Moscow's busy streets.
[Source: via English Russia]
Gallery: Unfortunate Porsche Cayenne

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