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The evolution where anyone skill can do the efficiency sufficiently

 With the Mitsubishi test course which is Hokkaido, it carried out full model change and to the fourth generation it testdrove urgently in the run sir evolution Ⅹ which rushes. As for the latest development theme, “everyone feeling at rest feeling well, the car which can enjoy the running of high dimension”. With former image, it is not the Porsche errand, in order for there to be the expression, [ranebo] using, pulling out the efficiency, to run, the operation of being unique was necessary. Plus making the high efficiency this time, it is the case that it could give the handiness which everyone can manage.

 But in word simple thing, that probably masters difficulty AYC (active yaw control) and ACD (the active center differential) with for [ranebo] which uses the special technology which was said. The body and suspension were included, everything was taken a second look. The abnormal numerical value, concretely, at MR ratio of tip generation, torsional rigidity of the body 40%, flexural rigidity 60% improvement had been recorded before the data. Furthermore the roof and the engine hood furthermore, also light weight conversion actualizes in the front fender making use of the aluminum material. You installed also suspension and included rigidity and were taken a second look. Not to be the running which mono was made to say to the driving force of 4 running there, raising mechanical grip and above stabilizing four tires until now in the road surface the aim result of trying it will make install, probably to use the efficiency of AYC and ACD effectively is felt.

 In addition the engine itself used the block of aluminum die-cast and make carried out light weight conversion. In addition therefore the full model change which can take a second look layout very it probably is possible. By the fact that rear exhaust is adopted, it carried out also the rationalization of the routing of piping and held down inhalation and exhalation of air resistance, was compatible handiness and power. When one one it keeps listing, but evolution of the extent which is not the paulownia, as for largest attention feeding back the information from the yaw rate sensor, the adoption of S-AWC which is controlled. Furthermore it is existence of twin clutch SST.

It evolved AYC and ACD “S-AWC”

 Controlling the driving torque of the left and right rear tire, AYC which keeps bending the car positively. Controlling the force of constraint of [sentadehuarenshiyarugia], driving force and revolving efficiency ACD which is compatible. As for these technologies being a principal axis of evolution of [ranebo] doubt it will be, but it is not. Because, the Bill Stein's damper and adoption of the eye Bach's make spring, furthermore successive evolution such that the height is lowered when pursuing sport characteristic, is method of formula. But, in regard to thing [ranebo], while holding down the strange feeling of AYC and ACD, with that because it is possible, to raise the effect, you can anticipate the improvement of further maneuverability. Speaking conversely, because there is this AYC and ACD very, as for [ranebo] you can say that in the general car evolution of the prejudice where the extent which is not done is detailed was accomplished, e.g., you pay attention to the spring.

 4 wheel drive control technology of the AYC and ACD evolved, this time substantially. It is not to control AYC and ACD individually, ABS and ASC (the sideslip prevention device) it includes and integrated controlled “S-AWC” that is. Furthermore, in control of this integration also feedback from the yaw rate sensor having joined is an important point. Until now, grasping the operation of the driver, it reached the point where it can do the control which it tries to agree the movement of the actual car vis-a-vis having controlled, in addition to the operation of the driver.

 As for the effect which that brings being tremendous, tip generation MR effectively may use AYC was the car which bends, but when it tries testdriving relatively, the revolving efficiency differs clearly. With MR largely, according to inside the corner it can run outside with new model cleanly even at the speed which expands. If the feeling, MR assume that it is the normal tire, it is the extent which becomes the feeling which wears the high grip tire. By the way, height of this revolving ability at the time of corner penetration occurs by the fact that brake control is used positively, “it seems,”. If because the control is natural, it is running the reason which you do not assert, normally because you do not understand some kind of control is done. It turns the steering wheel purposely the occasion where the only drift it has done and it adjusts to the movement which is added, only understands with it says that control changes, height of degree of completion was felt.

The capability of SST still unknown

 You adapt with VW and [audi], the transmission of the twin clutch is prepared in the [evo] Ⅹ. It is and also can do the shifting where as for name you call SST, uses the paddle which is attached to the steering wheel and is fast simply. Furthermore therefore as for the element MT very, it is and is easy to run also the direct impression for accelerator operation to [supotei], excellent ones of the [ii] thing being lazy that transmission loss of output to be little also fuel economy efficiency improves. Normal and sport, three modes, sou pass Potts were prepared in SST.

 If it testdrove, we would like to send applause to the degree of completion. Normal mode grasps the travelling scene, the uphill program and the like being automatic and distinguishing, supporting usual drive. Sport mode shifts gear, in order to maintain medium high revolution simply. Because and with sou pass Potts, in order to maintain the high revolution which is superior in the response, the gear is selected always automatically, doing the running which attacks test course ringing, even the feeling that it does not occur it will select the gear with paddle operation.

 The fact where this SST will be, as for improving the commodity power of the [ranebo] Ⅹ doubt is not. But, there are times when it becomes matter of concern. As for that weight. As for SST system weight about 20kg is heavy vis-a-vis MT. Stacking the battery in the rear, the influence of 20kg is large the extent which also weight distribution takes a second look for latest [ranebo] which is boiled down. When MT specification compared to quarrying out the steering wheel clearly, including the reaction, and the like is spoiled revolving ability. When it is MT sensuously, as worn high grip, it bends, but is, with SST it remains in the feeling which wears the S tire.

 Therefore very if running is pursued purely, but the selection of MT is the recommendation, because SST compatibility with the practicality and convenience with daily use makes one of charm, it cannot judge with current stage accurately. The opportunity which is testdriven on the general road is long in coming.

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