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New to this forum and the evo platform. I'm shooting a shot in the dark with this post here.

Looking at a modded 15 from a dealer. They don't have previous owner info and don't have the details of where the work was done and where it was tuned. Any help would be awesome secretly hoping the previous owner is on this forum and sees this. Located on long island NY
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41k miles

2015 Mitsubishi Evolution GSR Modifications include: ,TPC GTX 3576 ,ETS intercooler ,ETS intercooler piping ,ETS external dump down pipe ,Invidia Exhaust ,Radium Engineering fuel system ,FIC 1650cc injectors ,Flexfuel on stock ECU ,Clutch masters clutch kit ,Radium Engineering catch can ,AEM gauges on pillar mount ,Zeitronix ethanol content gauge 500whp on E85

Vin JA32W8FV1FU022307

Thanks in advance

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Well a couple things i see under the hood are , no cover over coil packs and no cover over electrical jump box, not sure if thats ehat its called, its just to the right and down from fuel pressure gauge, you need those on there to keep water from shorting shit out, water eill come in at hood scoop, slso 500 hp on stock block would worry me. What was torque? If over 400 thats also s problem as shit breaks over that.
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