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Any Canadians Getting the Evo?

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Just out of curiousity - given the higher pricing and lack of options for the EVO X GSR in Canada - do we still have any takers for the Evo?

I love the car, I hate the pricing/option scheme (or at least what Mitsu Canada is insinuating to by doing business this way) ....
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The rear bumper is also different to meet standards.
Yeah, hopefully Transport Canada sticks to their word and reduces bumper regulation law this summer so we can import the 8 and 9, or else it'll be 15 years. Japan has some cool imports, I recommend checking out
People are doing the smart thing for waiting. Mitsu Canada has no one to blame but themselves for the overprice-underoptioned GSR when compared to out the door prices for fully loaded GSRs over in the US (especially with the dollar right now!) I've been going back and forth with the GM @ one of the GTA Mitsu dealerships. For some reason I've read posts that this specific dealer has pre-sold 15..... That's funny to believe when they are currently trying to sell me one of the 3 they've had in stock since launch. None of which have sold as of yet.

I wonder what has happened with all the supposed Canadians that left deposits? Did they take it back? Because the amount of units that were supposedly pre-sold, is definitely alot more than actual sold units so far.
mebius, I was also there yesteday and I totally agree. I love the fact we could sit in $100k+ vehicles, but the GSR and MR were both locked...

The part that bothered me the most was the fact that the red GSR on display had the aero kit package.. The same aero kit that is NOT being offered on Canadian GSRs! Like cmon Mitsu!
I would probably consider that lease option. Did they give you a rough est. on residual value and money factor?

The dealership I'm currently communicating with still has their first shipment of 3 (PB, GG and Rally Red.) None have sold..... which probably explains why they called me again yesterday morning.

I'm ready to purchase (if the price is right) but I just fear a substantial price drop come summer, or transport Canada suddenly changing the bumper regulations to accomodate Evo imports.

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