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Any Canadians Getting the Evo?

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Just out of curiousity - given the higher pricing and lack of options for the EVO X GSR in Canada - do we still have any takers for the Evo?

I love the car, I hate the pricing/option scheme (or at least what Mitsu Canada is insinuating to by doing business this way) ....
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Rear bumber is different that's the main reason why. Good luck I've got to wait also as I have a master plan.
I though it was the front bumper because of the low speed bumper test. Hopefully this will change soon.
OK, so both bumpers are different. It means that Canada can still restrict importing US Evolution models until such time as they agree on the same standard of testing as the US. Or until the vehicle is 15 years old or older. Right now we can import vehicles from Japan that are over 15 years old. There are some pretty cool cars that can be imported.
FYI, the PB GSR I looked at today is supposedly available for sale in Vancouver. PM me for details if you want to know more. I asked for my deposit back after talking with the salesman, Andrew, nice guy. He said it was no problem and would be returned to my CC today. I said that the one on the floor must be sold already, but he said no, most everyone that placed a deposit with them either says they want a different colour or are waiting for the MR (most say they are waiting for MR).

The sticker on the window showed a 'market adjustment' of $3,000, i.e., mark-up, but for people that left deposits it was not charged. BS IMO, but any price is negotiable anyway. I would still try to get something less than MSRP. First thing is to kick the mark-up out of the picture, then start working on the MSRP, then start working on the dealer fees. If you do start dealing with someone and they try talking up the price, please have them take a look at the merchant forums here at and have them see how many Evos are being sold and at what prices they are being sold. Not only at much lower MSRP (US prices) but also below MSRP!!! They will say that Canada does not get many, but I think that the Evo X is not going to sell as well as they hoped and you should expect the dealer to cough up some of their profit to make the sale.

Despite my problems with the price (and I talked about it with the Andrew as being a critical factor) it is still a great looking car and the performance sounds great. Not practical for cargo beyond a normal luggage set, but the rear seat is decent enough for passengers, as good as my Legacy when I have the driver seat where I like it.

Andrew offered for me to light it up in the showroom (he had opened the doors) but I didn't want to gas out the receptionist. I did turn on the accessories and look at the lit up instrument panel. The cockpit (seat, instruments, etc.) felt tight just like it should, and I could imagine driving it through the twisties with abandon. Oh well, maybe in a few years.

Interior still needs work, but for what you pay attention to when driving I think it is decent enough. For the sticker price you expect nicer, though.
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Just because we are north of the 49th parallel it doesn't mean we like taking it up the A**.
Anybody paying $3,000 market adjustment is getting full on DP'd!
No offense - if they can't even appease fans of the Evo ... how the hell do they expect to sell the MR to the Audi/BMW crowd when they're overpriced, under-optioned, and don't have the build quality and luxury those cars have?! (or how about height adjustable seats huh?)
Had the same conversation with an Evo salesperson, he doesn't see it appealing to that lux-performance crowd. I think there will be some takers, like MINI attracted some Porsche drivers into the MINI Cooper S. But not to the extent Mitsubishi is hoping, and not at this price!
Well, if all the GSR's sit unsold I'm sure they will start to drop the price at the dealer level. All these deposits are waiting for MRs that are never coming?
I just saw that same Phantom Black Evo X GSR is sitting in the Vancouver Mitsubishi showroom. Are they really not selling in Canada?

I asked Wolfe Subie about the STI sales last week and they said they had only sold two of them so far.

Car sales in general are down in Canada. I think people are waiting for a major shake-up in the car industry and hoping for more price reductions. Even with the MSRP reductions of Toyota, VW and Audi, their cars are still more expensive in Canada than in the US.
I didn't ask for the finance rate, so I assume it's the same as what's on the website 8.25%.

For leasing he gave me very little info. Basically he said if Mitsu can't do it I can find an independent co. that will do it.

I hear ya. I would be kicking myself if I bought one and these cars are sitting in the lot near the end of the year and they're throwing more incentives out there.
Don't go for an independent lease! If they are not a manufacturer's lease then they are typically open ended, and you are left holding the bag at the end of lease if your car has depreciated more than they thought. Also, any accidents that have been repaired will affect the value. A closed ended manufacturer's lease protects you from this.

RBC has something like a lease, but it's not a lease. Check it out.
That really is crap. At least my dealer here in Abbotsford, BC didn't mention any extra dealer charges.
Vancouver dealer had an extra $3,000 on the window sticker for dealer mark-up. This is the first I'm hearing about a freebie package added in. They must be scrambling to understand where all the deposits and sales have gone.
The price is just absolutely absurd.

The only way I will be purchasing an EVO is if the bumper regulations change and I can import one.
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