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Any Canadians Getting the Evo?

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Just out of curiousity - given the higher pricing and lack of options for the EVO X GSR in Canada - do we still have any takers for the Evo?

I love the car, I hate the pricing/option scheme (or at least what Mitsu Canada is insinuating to by doing business this way) ....
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Canada Mitsubishi definitely got a potential buyers shafted. It is like they don't even want to try to sell it.
I orginally heard that Mitsu was going to pricing their EVO X aggressively to steal marketshare from the STI in the first year in Canada. This was from a the Sales manager at a dealer. To my surprise they did the exact opposite with the pricing and pushed me to the competition.

It's too bad... I was leaning more towards the EVO X and still like it. For now I'm enjoying my new ride and don't regret the decision.
THATS WHAT I THOUGHT TOO! It also makes sense for mitsubishi to do it. I bet it is because everyone put an deposit on an Evo X before the pricing came out.
Well, if all the GSR's sit unsold I'm sure they will start to drop the price at the dealer level. All these deposits are waiting for MRs that are never coming?
True, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to explain why GSR are not getting sold here...CAUSE WE GET NO PACKAGES...
1 - 5 of 47 Posts
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