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Anyone else hearing a Power Steering like' whine?

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At high idle and dropping I swear I have a mild to bad steering pump whine. Especially decelerating slowly OR if rev the motor and let off it whines. Plenty of fluid...checked. Steering feels fine as well
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its more than likely the tranny or center diff. when the fluid starts to thin out you hear it more (if the fluid is low, you will really hear it all the time)...

i used to change my fluid in the 8 every 9k miles.

i have 7500 miles on the x and started hearing it around 7k

i plan on changing my fluid at my next oil change, which is 3k more miles.
yes sir i have. it was pretty typical in my 8 also. i hear mine most when i let off the throttle in 3rd and the rpms start to drop...

i dont know if its the diff or the tranny cause i always just changed them at the same time, but i do know that when a friend of mine had a leak in his 8's rear diff and the fluid got low you really heard it at all rpms all the time.

im sure i had the whine before 7k, i just didnt really notice it, but really, the fluid is gonna break down and thin out faster depending on how you drive the car. mitsu said i should probably change my fluid at 15k cause of how fast i put miles on my car, but chances are ill stick to around 9k... the car just feels better when you keep the fluids fresh.

my 8 had 120k miles on it with no issues. so i think ill stick to what i did before.
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