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About a week ago, I popped a new code, p0181, fuel temperature is out of specifications.
I reset and continued monitoring my car. It popped a few more times, I've narrowed it down, it only turns on if I drive my car before its warmed up much.
I almost always let my car idle a few minutes before driving, if it doesn't get to about the halway point of being fully warmed up and I drive down the road (slowly, I'm not getting on it while its not warmed up), the CEL will turn on.
If I reset it and do any short stops where the car doesn't completely cool down before driving again, I won't get the code.
So I'm kind of stumped, I don't think my fuel pump would be over heating, since the car isn't even warmed up fully and I'm not even getting on it. Its not so cold here that I could possibly be dealing with super cold fuel in the mornings.
Anyone have any good jumping off points to continue diagnosing this issue?
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