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Anyone got these or no seen these in person?

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I was going to pick up the painted rear bumper extensions and then i seen these. From the side pic they don't look half bad. i have Rexpeed Canards and thought these would match. But not sure if they would look goofey or not. So has anyone seen these in person? im leaning towards my regular painted extensions but figured i'd ask since im in question.
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Im pretty sure someone on here was selling them used. Check the for sale section
Yes Jeremy Rohrs has them on his TT X. His are color matched white but he made carbon fins for the side of it as a type of diffuser. Looks Dam good in person IMO
yeah id buy new in carbon but i wanted to know if they actually look good. They would look great with the canards but i need to make sure. fitment? wish i could see a straight on rear pic.
Ilike tho seashell. But knowing me, I wold destroy those real quick lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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