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Click the image above for a host of high-res images of the Kia Kee.

When we initially laid our eyes on the Kia KEE concept last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we were a bit underwhelmed, referring to the sporty coupe as "a Korean-sized speed bump at an otherwise awe-inspiring show." We would not say such things if Kia were to reintroduce the concept as the KEE_wii, which is rumored to be as powerful as two Gamecubes duct-taped together. Be sure to read the press release, pasted after the break, which not only informs us that Kia demands driving entitlement for children as young as eight, but it also introduces us to a few future driving technologies, such as Dynamic On-Road Kinetics (DORK), Full Orthopedic Operating Logic (FOOL) and, of course, Independent Driver Input Operating Technique (IDIOT).

According to Franz Josef-Hicks, head of the Advanced Propulsion Research Institute and Laboratory (APRIL) in New Zealand, the radical new technology allows the ability to drive the vehicle from either side of the car as well as the back seat using a hand-held controller sourced from the Nintendo Wii, hence the car's name. Citing the fact that many people don't pay attention when they are driving anyway, Hicks suggests that the lack of visibility from the back seat should not be a problem. With logic like that, how could we disagree? Kia expects that the first production application of this new technology should be ready on April 1, 2009. We can hardly wait.

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