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ArmorCoat vs ClearBra (3m tape)

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Good Afternoon guys,

Wondering what opinions / experiences you all may have in regards to the two products. Looking to protect the front end of my new evo with something like a clearbra solution. ArmorCoat is something i've never heard of and seems to be a spray on version of the 3m ClearBra. The ClearBra stuff i've heard about and seen and was all set on getting until i heard about this armorcoat stuff. Seems like the armor coat would provide for better coverage, and perhaps a better price?

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I would stay away from that 3M sheild stuff. I had them install it on my FX35 4 years ago and after a couple of years you will not like it at all. Even though they say it doesnt turn colors, it does, it will turn a dark transparent yellow. If it is really hot outside, the 3M tends to soften up, if you combine this soft state with a high speed bug impact, what you will get is a bug that is mixed in with the 3M (hardened state) and a nice dent in the 3M surface.

I say use the BRA when you are going to be traveling long distance and just take it off when you are not.
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