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ArmorCoat vs ClearBra (3m tape)

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Good Afternoon guys,

Wondering what opinions / experiences you all may have in regards to the two products. Looking to protect the front end of my new evo with something like a clearbra solution. ArmorCoat is something i've never heard of and seems to be a spray on version of the 3m ClearBra. The ClearBra stuff i've heard about and seen and was all set on getting until i heard about this armorcoat stuff. Seems like the armor coat would provide for better coverage, and perhaps a better price?

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Doesn't look like it if you look at some of their pics:

It looks to me based on those pics to give much the same "wavy" look that the 3m stuff gives? I think the big plus this stuff brings to the table is maybe no real seam for wax to accumulate on and no need for a pattern cutter. I'm thinking it will leave some nasty orange peel looking paint, but can't be too sure based on those pics.
Thats what i'm leaning towards as well but the price i'm getting quoted in the MA area is $900 :eek2:.

This would be using the 30 inch roll and doing the front bumper, side mirrors, and 20 inches up the hood as well as the rear portion of the bumper under the trunk. I have researched the local shop that would do it and they get glowing reviews but holy shite man. $900 is a new intercooler, boost gauge, mbc and i would probably still have enough for a tank of gas and a cheap hooker lol!

I was hoping someone would jump up and say "omfg yea that armorcoat stuff rules and is $2"

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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