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This evening while I was driving around town, I had the lights on the car turned on because it was dark and I noticed that the LCD display on the radio (I have a GSR btw) had artifacting (lights on the panel blinking) in almost the same way that an equalizer would as it was in time with the music.

I didn't look right and I know it isn't supposed to do that as it has no actual visual equalizer.

I turned the radio off for a while and I didn't see the artifacting anymore. Before I could turn the radio on again I had turned the car off at a buddy's place. When I started the car again and turned on the radio the problem was gone.

Really I have no clue what might have caused it. The car has 600km on it, the radio still sounded fine, and I've had no other problems.

Could it have been an electronic interference from something my buddy had on him in the car? If it was then why hadn't we noticed it sooner.
Could it have been something wrong with the radio itself? If so it must have corrected itself or something.

Has anyone else seen this?
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