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The BBC's hit detective show, Life on Mars, has spawned a sequel called Ashes to Ashes. While the former was set in 1973 and featured a nifty Ford Cortina, Ashes follows Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Gene Hunt (the supervisor of Mars' lead character) to the early 80s, and the hero car is now a vintage Audi quattro. Naturally, British fans' interest in the sweet Audi coupe is up, and incidentally, the TV car is very similar to a car that Audi UK keeps under lock and key. That car is the final RHD Audi quattro to ever roll off the production line. It is a pristine, zero-mileage example that is kept in a secret, climate-controlled location. It's only removed for show duty and is returned to its hidey-hole immediately thereafter. Audi UK is emphatic about one thing: it will never, ever be sold. So have a look, friends. The car above is probably the most perfect Audi Coupe quattro in existence, and it is unattainable. Press release after the jump.

[Source: Audi UK]Continue reading Audi keeps last RHD quattro in undisclosed location

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