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Click above to see more images of the Alfa 8C up for sale

Having built only built 500 examples, the achingly luscious Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is bound to become a collectors' item. Unfortunately, they've all been spoken for, but if you missed your chance and cost is no object, Italian auction site AutoScout24 has one listed that may be of interest.

On top of the clout and rarity of the standard 8C, this model stands out as one of only a handful produced in black. That alone isn't enough to justify the huge premium being charged for this example: the asking price is €380,000, over twice its original retail price of €160k. The power boost may come close, however: through unspecified means, the output on this 8C is quoted as having been boosted to 590 hp, a 140-hp bonus over the stock 450.

Gallery: Alfa 8C on

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