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Awkward knock

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Anyone ever heard this before or know what it could be? I took it to a dealership that i will keep unnamed since they didnt seem to know what they were talking about. They suggested the injectors...I dont think so.
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u change to the newest relay cuz my sounded kinda like that but not as bad and after relay install sound normal. just my .02cent
isn't that the sound that the flywheel/flexplate on the MR would make when it developed a crack?
Definitely not injectors, thats the higher pitched really fast ticking sound (thats normal), the lower non-uniform knocking sound is your problem, sounds bad, don't ignore it
Indeed, if it's not the SST input shaft, it's something much worse. From what I understand, the SST noise is worst in Park and should be reduced when the car is in gear (don't ask me why). I'd say have a helper put the shifter in different positions while you observe the noise level. If the noise changes, it's likely related to the SST. You may also put the car on jack stands and put it in drive at idle to see if the noise goes away.
Yeah just throw it up in the air and start driving..... *facepalm*
Yeah just throw it up in the air and start driving..... *facepalm*
That's not what I said... :confused2:
I knows :D
I'll try a new relay but I don't think it's the problem. I was thinking something dealing with the SST also but not sure. It really sucks cause the closest stealership is 2 hours away.
Its definitely the sst input shaft. I have the exact same noise. Goes away when you put it in drive. According to several dealerships and other MR owners it is non problematic. I read about one person who got it fixed under warranty, but iirc the noise was only reduced. Check the two threads imerm linked. One of them is mine, one is the guy who got his fixed.
So I guess it's normal coming from the post irmerm linked to. When I say normal that means everyone has it and seems like that guy blackbyrd is the only one that got the dealership to fix it under warrantee. I guess I'll just keep pressing with my turbo swap lol
Yes everyone with an SST has it apparently.
My 08 MR never made this sound!
I take it back 1 persons didn't.
My 08 MR never made this sound!
The threads I linked to were pretty much in consensus that it was happening mainly on 2010 cars. So maybe this is why you didn't get this sound.
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