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Hi guys,

Just came back from a business trip in Japan, which luckily happened during the beginning of the Tokyo Auto Show.

Overall impression is that the tendency of most manufacturers is still going to the greenish side, to my dismay.

90% of the car makers were not showing real sports cars (No hybrid stuff), except for Toyota (LF-A & new GT86) and Subaru (BRZ and Impreza S206).

Looks like they all lost their balls at some point, and totally forgot about us, the petrol heads and track "aficionados" :freak:

Funny part was the message from Toyota : Fun to drive, again ;)

So basically was quite disappointed with the show, specially when compared with shows like Geneva's. (Mitsubishi was not showing any sports car, all green stuff).

A good show from Honda though, presenting their new hybrid "sports" car concept.

On the aftermarket side, it was like the Mohave desert, only 2 "micro" booths from Rays and Ohlins (Booth size about 3x2m), and a decent size booth from Exeddy (Not clutch packs on display for us SST owners though), but nothing too " SEMAish".

Will post pics later on once I reach home.

Stay tuned ;)
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